It’s been really busy year


new-years-eve-2900120_1920The year 2017 was the time of  many interesting initiatives in Poznan Science and Technology Park.

We entered 2017 with a big success ! The research project on the protection of plants against pathogens by means of resistance inducers, carried out by dr inż. Marcin Śmiglak from PSTP is in TOP 65 Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge

In January, we also reactivated our seed fund, seeking inventors who plan to develop modern products and services in the areas of: chemistry, biotechnology, as well as information and communication technologies. As a result of our search, we decided to invest in a new IT company.


MIT Enterprise Forum Poland has chosen 23 Polish startups to participate in their acceleration programme. The selection was based on the know-how of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One of the selected companies is IC Solutions, the PSTP tenant and our portfolio company.

In March, we invited all the business support institutions of Wielkopolska to continue discussions on how public instruments could be improved in order to address the needs of innovative SMEs and to ensure effective use of public resources.

We designed our new service, “Communication and team-building – a workshop with robots”, using our extensive experience in supporting businesses for the last 20 years.

At the beginning of April, we had the opportunity to host our partners from Instituto Pedro Nunes, in Coimbra, Portugal Shortly after Easter, we were visited by Kirstie Chadwick – president of the International Business Innovation Association and Giordano Dichter, head of the EU-BIC services department of the European Business Network. The subjects of the workshop were trends in entrepreneurship and standards of service provision by business support institutions and their professional design in the context of market needs. In the meantime, we launched the project INCUBATOR INNOVATION +. Its main aim is to help scientists to commercialize the results of scientific research.

May is our favorite month as we celebrate our Park anniversary. 22 years ago, on May 15, 1995, the UAM Foundation’s Management Board established Poznan Science and Technology Park, the first in Poland. This year, we have launched Edu_Path, where you can find the largest map of Europe in Poznan, photovoltaic panels, a sundial, infographics describing the various parts of the Park and scientific facts from various areas.

June was a month of activity in associations. We were announced a finalist of the “IASP Inspiring Solutions Program”. The purpose of this programme is to identify any innovative ideas, solutions, or projects related to improving the management, performance or efficiency of science parks or areas of innovation.

We joined another association, this time related to our DataCenter services – the Polish Data Center Association. We have also become a certified member of the prestigious EBN innovation network.

The Park’s success consists mainly of the successes of our Tenants. PPNT companies have been shining on global events ! IC Solutions presented its technology in Seoul, and BBH Biotech employees returned from San Diego, where they presented themselves at the BIO International Convention.

In August, apart from holiday travels, thanks to PSTP, it was possible to travel to the interior of the Earth. The captain of this adventure was one of the most recognized high-pressure researchers, prof. Leonid Dubrovnisky, lecture “Journey to the center of the Earth 150 years after Jules Verne: Science not fiction”.

We organized a Picnic with Imagination. This year everything was in place: favourable weather, big turnout and the atmosphere.

Guests could play, learn, rest and play on over 40 different science and sports stands. Picnic with Imagination is the largest open-air scientific event in Poznań.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education published a ranking of scientific categories. The Poznań Science and Technology Park was among the category A units! This is our historic success! Thus, we found ourselves in a group of 332 units (out of 993 evaluated), possessing this category.

The Enterprise Europe Network Annual Conference was held on 20-22 November in Tallinn. Awards were given to two events, which were considered to be the most successful in 2016.  Subcontracting Meetings, organised by PSTP – an EEN member, and Poznań International Fair, were one of the two distinguished events.

Together with the National Contact Point of the EU Research Programs and the authorities of leading scientific units from the region, our experts from the Regional Contact Point discussed the strategy of Polish universities at HORIZON 2020.

Knowledge is our strength! We employ dozens of experts from various fields who support companies and scientists in the development of new ideas. We employ people the highest scientific titles, whose long time scientific effort has been appreciated this year. Professor Hieronim Maciejewski, deputy director of PPNT, was awarded the Golden Medal for Long Service. This is a state decoration for well-deserved university employees. In turn, Prof. Tomasz Goslar became the star of the next episode of the series “Outstanding figures of the University”, created by the University Film Studio. The film allows to learn about the history of innovative research on radiocarbon dating conducted by the Professor at the Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory with headquarters in our Park. By the way, the film also introduces other interests, not necessarily scientific ones.


We wish all our Partners Happy and Creative New Year !

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