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KPMP Solutions sp. z o.o.

KPMP Solutions sp. z o.o.

KPMP Solutions has designed an innovative solution for asphalt butt joint preparation called “ReBe” targeted at road construction companies preforming asphalt layers.
The innovative character of the product allows to:

  • reduce material loss (by 100%), significantly contributing to cost reduction,
  • move from five-step to one-step butt joint preparation process, contributing to increased efficiency and preparatory time reduction,
  • improve the quality of the butt joint,
  • reduce the negative impact of infrastructure projects – reduction of: technological waste (often exceeding 1,000 tons on large infrastructure projects, e.g. a highway) energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions


  • KPMP Solutions won the European Tech and Start-up Days competition (in the category Tradition&Modernity – traditional industry, the energy industry, telecommunications, transport, and construction) held during the European Economic Congress in Katowice (3-4 September 2020). By winning the competition KPMP has become a participant of the InCredibles program powered by Sebastian Kulczyk.
  • KPMP Solutions was also awarded in competition – called The Eagle of Innovation organized by Rzeczpospolita newspaper – which selects start-ups that have the potential to scale their business, and at the same time introduce innovations to the market.
  • Distinction award in competition “Poznań Business Leader” (pol. Poznański Lider Przedsiębiorczości).