Call for investors and mentors


Our Scale-up Champions programme is looking for mentors and investors to cooperate! We are glad to announce that our call for investors and mentors is open now!

Scale-up Champions offers the opportunity to experienced entrepreneurs, founders, investors and professionals to exchange their knowledge, expand their own skills, and help shaping the deep-tech startup ecosystem. The programme is dedicated to anyone interested in deep-tech business, from creators to those who can help create new firms. So we are glad to announce that our call for investors and mentors is open now!

Firstly, the Scale-up Champions program will carry out a challenge-based selection process to identify the best startups among all the applicants. Therefore, investors will then be directly connected with the pre-selected projects and have the possibility to work closely with them. And mentors will join a mentoring board and engage with the selected initiatives in virtual mentoring activities that will address topics such as IPR, product and services design, business models and financing.

Opportunities for investors

Scale-up Champions offers the opportunity to investors, business angels and venture capitalists to connect with deep-technology startups. Importantly – those which develop cutting-edge innovations in fields such as medtech, healthtech, fintech, industry 4.0, green energy, and smart cities. As a result, investors joining the program will be the first ones to discover brand-new startups, being ahead of competitors. In addition, they will gain insights, expand their market knowledge, explore innovation trends and network with fellow investors.

You wil:

  • stay ahead of competitors and be the first one to discover our pre-selected disruptive start-ups.
  • be able to screen startups from different countries and various deep-tech fields at a glance, saving time and resources.
  • gain insights about the latest market and innovation trends.
  • be part of an international network of fellow investors with whom you can discuss investment opportunities.

If you are an investor and you would like to take part in the program, contact us or fill in the application form.

Find out more about the program:

Chances for mentors

Sharing your knowledge as mentor is not only beneficial for mentees and has a positive social impact, but it also allows you to learn, meet talented people and find out the latest innovations on the way. Join Scale-up Champions’ board of mentors and work with the most promising projects in deep-tech!

You will

  • expand your knowledge and skills while helping others and making a positive social impact.
  • contribute to boost the deep-tech startup ecosystem.
  • be matched with cutting-edge projects in deep-tech.
  • become part of an international network of entrepreneurs, investors and corporates.

If you are interested in joining the program as mentor, fill in the application form by 1 September: Mentoring Program Application.

Find out more about the program in a brief presentation (download)