Malaga hosts the third workshop of the European project ‘Innoinvest’


The third workshop of the European project ‘Innoinvest’ took place last week. The first day of which was held at the Headquarters of Malaga Techpark and the second within the framework of Greencities, the Urban Intelligence and Sustainability Forum, taking place in Malaga on 29th and 30th of September. During the event, the reasons why corporates decide to participate in the investment process of start-ups and young companies were analyzed and issues such as the way in which they participate, or a SWOT analysis of the situation were put on the table.


This is the third of four workshops planned as part of the European project ‘Innoinvest’, aimed at SMEs seeking investment for the launch of innovative products or technologies. This workshop was focused on the analysis of current partner practices, tools, resources, and future plans in relation to the investment process, in order to reduce risk and improve the quality of professional services for SMEs.The objectives of this new meeting focused on the analysis and improvement of the validation process: investigating the best way to find commercial partners to support the validation process or who can also co-finance the investment (short- and long-term equity financing).

The sessions were attended by: Elżbieta Książek, Development Expert at Poznan Science and Technology Park; Katarzyna Wlaź, Seed Fund Manager at Poznan Science and Technology Park; Kert Kaljula, Chief Financial Officer at Tehnopol Science and Business Park; Helge Neumann, Executive Manager of International Business Development at WISTA Science Park; Martin Goroško, Business Development Manager at Tehnopol Science and Business Park; Roman Niedzielski, Capital Investment Specialist at Poznan Science and Technology Park; Anna Tórz, Head of International Cooperation at Poznan Science and Technology Park and Rawad Chammas, Head of Technology Transfer at WISTA Science Park and Aline Daniel, International project Manager from Málaga Techpark.

What is the Innoinvest project?

The Innoinvest project is promoted by the European Commission and is developed by a consortium formed by Malaga TechPark together with the Poznan Science and Technology Park in Poland, the WISTA Science and Technology Park in Berlin-Adlershof and the Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol in Estonia, as well as other European collaborative parks of the IASP (which have their headquarter in the Malaga Technopolis) also adhered to the initiative.

Through the Innoinvest project, Poznan Science and Technology Park works together with the other three partner parks in the development of tools that can improve the whole investment process related to innovative solutions for technological SMEs.

The overall objective of the Innoinvest program is to support entrepreneurs in boosting their business process and to develop tools that improve the investment methods of small and medium-sized enterprises, specially by facilitating the cooperation of SMEs with corporate companies. This should lead to a handbook or guide to be applied in the implementation of technology SME investment programs. Boosted by the European Commission in the framework of the Horizon 2020 program, trough the INNOSUP call, the Innoinvest project aims to test new approaches in order to strengthen the innovation support of European SMEs by improving their innovation management capacity, adopting and pursuing the right innovation strategies, and managing their innovation processes by implementing the efficiency of innovation spending.