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MAŚLIŃSKI Law & Consulting sp. z o.o.

MAŚLIŃSKI Law & Consulting sp. z o.o.

bud. C1, pok. 6

Mikołaj Maśliński
T: +48 662 830 462

MAŚLIŃSKI Law & Consulting sp. z o.o. supports entrepreneurs in ensuring compliance with the current legal requirements in the area of environmental protection. The company’s offer is dedicated to manufacturers, importers and distributors of various products, as well as to companies operating in the field of waste management.

Services offered by the company include:
• ongoing assistance to companies in relation to entry in the waste database (BDO),
• preparation of legal opinions,
• training services,
• company audits.

The Company represents the next development stage of Mikołaj Maśliński Doradztwo Prawne (MMDP), which has been on the market since August 2019.

MMDP’s achievements include:
• providing individual legal support to over 200 companies,
• conducting a BDO audit of a state-owned company and its subsidiary (2020-2021),
• preparation of registration applications and comprehensive BDO legal advice for dozens of entities introducing products to the Polish market (2019-2021),
• preparation of over 100 reports for companies introducing packaged products to the market, including equipment, batteries, accumulators, and vehicles.

The company is also dynamically developing its own training platform, the offer of which has already been used by almost 1 000 companies.