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SUDER Sp. z o.o.

SUDER Sp. z o.o.

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SUDER Sp. z o.o. is an ICT systems integration company and Poland’s nationwide provider of telecommunications services under the brand.
Our main goal is to ensure that our customers receive comprehensive support in the selection, implementation, maintenance and operation of ICT infrastructure, and to provide the highest quality of telecommunications services.

SUDER is a fine-tuned team of professionals, including experienced sales support engineers who develop optimal solutions for customers, sales consultants who put a spotlight on the benefits of the solutions offered, and certified service engineers who ensure the continuity of business operations through proper installation of the systems and after-sales support.

Since May 2021, we have been a co-creator and technological partner of the nationwide “Communication Leader” (Polish: Lider Komunikacji) certification campaign for specialist, teaching, regional (voivodeship-level) and district (poviat-level) hospitals. As part of the “Communication Leader” campaign, we certify hospitals in terms of professional service and communication with patients.