We would like to invite you to our ImagineLab!


ppntpoznań_160520_invitation to InmagineLabThe ImagineLab of Poznań Science and Technology Park is the first research centre in the Wielkopolska region which aims at developing curiosity, stimulating imagination and greater interest in science among people from all the age groups.

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The idea behind creating the Imagination Lab was to encourage people to experiment, pose questions and look for answers to them. Our centre is about relaxed atmosphere and fun, we want to make our guests interested in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and astronomy.

What we offer to our explorers is almost 4.5 hours of engaging and instructive entertainment in three parts of the Imagination Lab: the Planetarium, the Scientific Exhibition with a dark chamber and the Experimentarium. We would like to invite you to physically engage with the exhibition pieces, to play interactive games, to look at the light passing through a prism and to do research and perform various analyses during thematic workshops.

The schedule of events and workshops, the price list and the booking options can be found on our website:

We welcome also english-speaking groups.

Have fun!