Research services

Thanks to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of experts we support research and development in all stages of project implementation.

We have a unique laboratory equipment thanks to which we can offer a wide range of specialist laboratory services, including:

  • Research and analyses in the area of industrial, food and cosmetics biotechnology;
  • Analyses concerning microbiological purity of the environment;
  • Supercritical CO2 extractions (we are the only Polish research centre offering such services!);
  • Support in developing and improving chemical technologies;
  • Determining the age of organic matter using radiocarbon 14C by means of the AMS method;
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses of nitrogen, also in liquids and soil.

Our offer has been designed for both SMEs as well as large industrial centres and R&D departments. We are proud to be a scientific unit; that is why we are an ideal partner in projects co-financed by the European Union.


Chemical Technologies Incubator

Chemical Technology Incubator offers technological research opportunities, a chance to develop and improve technologies as well as synthesise various chemical products, mainly organic and organosilicon, of the total weight of a few to a few dozen kilograms. What is more, the Incubator offers advisory services concerning the usage of chemical compounds, mainly inorganic polymers, silane adhesion promoters and modifiers of polymer systems and mineral surfaces.

Waste Cluster

Analytical, physical, chemical, technological and applied research concerning broadly defined waste management

Supercritical CO2 Laboratory

Extraction (SFE extraction), segregation and purification of natural and synthetic products, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the products by means of supercritical CO2

More information available HERE

Optimisation of Chemical Processes Lab:

Production of substances and chemical preparations with a specific formulation; conducting technological research regarding product synthesis, isolation and purification


Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory

Performing 14C tests with the most modern accelerator technique (AMS): dating archaeological and geological formations not older than about 50 000 years. Clients are scientific institutions in the field of archeology, art history, geology, geomorphology, paleoclimatology, palaeobotany, biochemistry, food industry, etc.

Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory is the first of its type in Central and Eastern Europe.

More information available HERE,
tel. +48 61 827 97 82

Optics and Optometry Centre

  • Optometric measurements of the visual system parameters concerning refractive errors, accommodation, binocular vision and amblyopia;
  • Vision therapy for patients with impaired binocular vision (strabismus), based on the assumptions of behavioural optometry; the therapy is offered to people of any age;
  • Designing and producing sight aids, also to help the visually impaired;
  • Organising specialist courses and workshops in ocular optics and optometry.

phone: +48 604 776 136,


Biotechnology Centre

  • Assessing microbiological purity of products and the environment
  • Cultivation of microorganisms, fermentation of natural products
  • Investigating microbiological activity of chemical substances

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tel. +4861616272108,

Genomic Laboratory

  • Next-generation sequencing of DNA
  • Detection of nucleic acids
  • Biocomputational analyses

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Archaeological Centre

  • Consulting services in the field of conservation
  • Identifying the scope of archaeological research
  • Excavations, scientific reports, expert opinions on archaeological materials



Poznań Isotope Laboratory

  • Determining the age and origin of rocks;
  • Isotope measurements for the purposes of environmental protection;
  • Analysing extraterrestrial matter.

More information available HERE,
phone: +48 61 829 62 77

Centre for Spatial and Socio-Economic Analysis

The centre offers research and development services in the following areas:

  • spatial, socio-economic;
  • environmental and related to spatial planning;
  • related to optimisation;
  • organisational and legal;
  • related to marketing and PR;
  • fiscal and European.

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phone: + 48 61 829 61 73